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April 14th

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene.) The resin used to make Bags and Bunker/Pit Covers is made up of LDPE.  LDPE is made of oil or natural gas, thus the volatile market of fuels has greatly affected the costs of Agricultural plastics the last few years. Often the plastics market lags behind the price changes seen in fuels but seems to generally follow the same trends. This is why generally plastic prices are lower in the late winter and spring, due to oil and gas prices generally being cheaper at these times. Then, often as oil and gas prices rise in the early summer and continue to go up usually till late fall, where at that point they often return to pre summer pricing, plastics seem to follow in their wake.

Thus, we urge those that are able to, to purchase as much of the plastic they can project they will need for the year in the spring, before prices begin to rise.

Contact us as soon as possible to get early spring pricing!

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